The Wisdom of the Crowd Has Spoken: One-Timers It Is!

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post about the top 10 FIFA goals of 2012. In the list, there were a collection of goals, some of which were “one-timers” and some of which were the result of a great deal of individual effort. Well, on Thursday, FIFA highlighted the top 3 vote-getting goals. On the list, there was one goal that was the result of a great deal of individual effort and two goals that were the result of one-timers.

Is that what you expected? Would you have expected more individual effort goals to have been on the list? In looking back at my post, I didn’t say whether I thought one-timers would have more on the list and it wouldn’t really be fair to hazard a “guess” now that the answer is known.

So, I wonder — of the top three goals remaining, which do you think will win? Since there are only three videos, I’ll embed them below.

Here’s the one individual effort goal:

One of the one-timers:

And the other one-timer:

If I had to guess, I think the last one will probably win.

Interestingly, “just hours after FIFA announced its candidates for the 10 best goals of 2012,” there was a goal that some are saying may just be the goal of the century! After watching it, I think you’ll see why:

“Simply stunning” — the sports announcer says. Even the England fans applauded the goal (from a Swedish player). Unfortunately, this goal will not be considered for “best goal of 2012” for FIFA, but they say that it could be considered for best goal of 2013. I wonder what the betting line in Vegas is for this winning best goal of 2013. . .

Published by Jeremiah Stanghini

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