Which Type of [Soccer] Goal Do You Prefer: Individual Effort or One-Timers?

[Editor’s note: I didn’t realize that I was missing an ‘R’ in the title until after this post was already published. As a result, the permalink to this page does not include an ‘R’ in “one-timer,” but the title now does.]

First, I want to recognize that most of the world refers to “soccer” as football and I respect that. Since I’ve grown up in the West, I’m still used to calling it soccer. With that out of the way, I thought I would ask all of you which kind of “goal” you prefer: goals that required a great deal of individual effort or goals that were the result of one-timers.

Right now, FIFA is hosting a poll to help select the “favourite” goal of 2012. I put favourite in quotes not because of the spelling, but because I think it’s important to name the measure by which these goals are being voted. I re-read the paragraph a couple of times to make sure that it wasn’t referred to as the “best” goal or the most “athletic” goal or something else like that.

So, after watching the 10 goals, I noticed a bit of a divide. About half of the goals seemed to happen as a result of a great deal of individual effort. Similarly, about half of the goals seemed to happen as a result of a one-timer. The voting closes on November 29, 2012. There are a number of confounding variables here (the first of which would be the number of “fans” for a given team or a given player), but I think it’ll be fun to see which goals make the top 3. It’s not specifically stated when, but after the voting closes on the first poll, at some point, FIFA will re-post the three goals that earned the most votes. We could say that if there are two goals that are one-timers, fans prefer one-timers and if there are two goals that are “individual effort,” then fans prefer individual effort.

Again, this is not scientific, but I think it’ll be fun. Let me know in the comments — which kinds of goals do you think will have more votes?

It didn’t seem necessary (or right) to embed all 10 of the goals on this post. So, if you’re interested, head on over to the FIFA page to check them out.

Published by Jeremiah Stanghini

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