Stephen Colbert: Political Satirist and… United States Senator?

The Junior Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint, is retiring. By retiring, DeMint will vacate his Senate seat before the term is up. Meaning, there will be an opening for a United States Senate seat in South Carolina. As a result of this opening, the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, can appoint someone to the seat to serve the rest of its term.

There’s a certain South Carolina son who a number of people think would be a great person to fill that seat: Stephen Colbert.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Stephen Colbert ran for office. Back in 2008, he made a push to be President of the United States of South Carolina. His bid was often thought of as not serious, but Colbert contended that he was serious.

Appointing Stephen Colbert to the seat wouldn’t be that absurd, would it? A reputable polling firm, Public Policy Polling, asked South Carolinians who they wanted to fill the seat. Topping the list: Stephen Colbert. Although, the Governor has poured water on that fire, stating that she wouldn’t appoint Colbert to the seat.

I have to say: this is a little disappointing. I understand that, politically, this probably isn’t the best thing for Haley to do, given that Colbert is a satirical Republican. But when I think about Colbert in the Senate, it gets me excited. Think of the possibilities! Colbert does an excellent job of satirizing the issues of the day — can you imagine what it would be like if he did this in real-time — in the US Senate!?

[Note: I thought that the Comedy Central clip of Colbert would embed properly — guess not. I found the same clip on Hulu, though.]

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