Do You Know Why a Stop Sign Has 8 Sides?

No? Me either, but I did come across a cool post about the cross-cultural history of the stop sign. For instance, did you know that for the past 2,000 years, stop signs — regardless of the country of origin — have been octagonal? Or, did you know that the origin of the stop sign has nothing to do with traffic!? From Mitch Ditkoff:

Apparently, each side of this iconic 8-sided, cross-cultural symbol of hoped-for stillness, has been imbued with a secret teaching of great import:

1. Slow down
2. Pay attention
3. Look around
4. Pause
5. Look within
6. Breathe deeply
7. Appreciate
8. Move consciously

After reading his post, I will most certainly not look at a stop sign the same way. In fact, it reminds me of 21-day meditation challenge I wrote about the other day. There’s still time to join me! If you think you don’t want to catch up and do 4 meditations in one day, then I suggest you at least read about the positives to taking a moment for stillness.


Any Thoughts?

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