Waking Up with Songs Stuck in your Head

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to hear a song stuck in my head. I was less surprised that there was a song stuck in my head and more surprised about which song: “A Whole New World.” Remember that song? Remember Aladdin? My goodness — I haven’t seen that movie in ages, so I have no idea why that song would have been stuck in my head. Maybe it has something to do with what I was dreaming about – who knows.

The other odd part was that this wasn’t the only song stuck in my head. I also heard “Frosty the Snowman.” It was almost like the two songs were spliced and I’d hear a verse of Aladdin and then a verse from Snowman.

I don’t have anything profound to share about this experience, but I thought I would post the videos of the songs and give you a flashback to times when you were younger and saw the movie Aladdin or watched those Christmas specials on TV.

Published by Jeremiah Stanghini

Jeremiah's primary aim is to provide readers with a new perspective. In the same vein as the "Blind Men and the Elephant," it can be difficult to know when one is looking at the big picture or if one is simply looking at a 'tusk' or a 'leg.' He writes on a variety of topics: psychology, business, science, entertainment, politics, history, etc.

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