Twitter: Who I’m Following, Part 3

Twitter logo, twitter, twitter emblem, new twitter, old twitter, logo for twitter, emblem for twitter,It’s been over a month and a half since I listed the people I’m following on Twitter in ( and ) and the number of people I’m following has nearly doubled (or maybe it has more than doubled?), so I thought I would do another post *new* listing the people I’m following.

: This is the organization by famous scientist, . Their website can be found at . I highly recommend checking out some of Nassim’s videos. He’s an uber-smart guy and has some fascinating ideas about the unification of all science and philosophy.

: The brilliance behind and more recently, . If you’re into efficiency, Ferriss is your guy. He has outlined some very interesting principles for reducing the amount of time you spent at work and for reducing the amount of time you need to spend at the gym (to get into better shape).

: Pink is a former speechwriter for Bill Clinton and a very smart guy. His book is a must-read for anyone who wants a better understand what motivates humans. He also writes entertaining , from time-to-time.

: I first learned of Michael Moore during my freshmen communications course. We were having a discussion about . Michael Moore is extremely liberal and it’s interesting to see how he criticizes even the Democrats.

: I really like this particular account because the news that is offered from it is (from what I’ve seen) relatively neutral. I’ve only ever seen “facts” tweeted from this account.

: I think it’s important to laugh and many of the tweets that I see from Conan are highly entertaining. I don’t watch his show, but it’s nice to get a dosage his comedy 140 characters at a time.

: This is the official White House Twitter account for the White House Press Secretary. This account doesn’t tweet very often, but when it does, there’s usually something important being said.

: This account publishes (once a day during weekdays), Harvard’s . I really like statistics and it’s even better when they are in this short snippet and easy to digest.

: Kaku is one of the co-founders of  (quantum science-y stuff). I’ve read a number of his books (they’re quite easy to read!) and I really liked his .

: This is the Twitter feed for Larry King. Larry posts some interesting things from time-to-time. He’s interviewed some of the most important people of the last half century, too, so I’d say he knows a thing or two about the world.

: I follow Jimmy Fallon for the same reason I follow Conan O’Brien – comedy. It’s important to laugh and Fallon has some great one-liners!

: Similar to the first person I followed (), this feed is the . This particular feed tweets some of the blog posts that are posted to the blog. It’s nice to have it in a Twitter feed rather than a newsletter or always having to check the site for updates.

: Somewhere along the way, I realized that there was more than one account for (). I noticed that they tweet slightly different things, so I now follow both.

: I really like some of the roles that Tom Hanks has played and I’ve also enjoyed watching interviews with him (to get a sense of the kind of person he is). As such, I now follow him.

: My favorite actress as a young boy. She has yet to tweet anything, but this is her verified account, so should she decide to tweet, I’ll know it!

: I follow Steve Martin for the same reasons I follow Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon — comedy!! Martin has a different sense of humor, but I still find it entertaining.

: I consider Lawrence O’Donnell to be a really smart guy. I don’t necessarily always catch his show (), but I think he presents an intelligent perspective on the things that are happening in the news.

: While he might come across a bit harsh, he offers very blunt coverage of what’s happening in the news. You could almost say he’s “rougher” version of or .

: Like the (), this Twitter feed is for when there is a new . I thought it would be wise to stay current with management tips seeing as though I’m about to begin an MBA program.

: I was reluctant to follow celebrities who had an enormous amount of followers (A. Kutcher has over 7 million as of this post), but I kept an eye on what Kutcher tweeted. It’s a nice blend of a variety of topics, so I’m in!

: Similar to (), Whoopi Goldberg is saying she won’t participate in Twitter very much, but is just putting up a Twitter account so that people don’t steal her ID. I’ve read some of her interviews and liked her stuff. Hopefully, she decides to engage with her followers and Twitter.

: Just like I’m following , Pew Research tweets all sorts of interesting (at least what I perceive as interesting) statistics.

: Matt Yglesias writes for a number of different blogs (and he posts links to them once written). He’s known as being a pretty loud voice from the liberal/progressive point of view (in the United States).

: This is one of the most reputable international publications. It has been around for over 150 years and publishes very important perspectives on a number of issues.

: I wrote about TEDTalks in , so you know how I feel about how important they are. This feed tweets when new TEDTalks are uploaded. If you like TEDTalks, this is a good account to follow.

I’m just about at 1000 words. Check back soon for Part 4 of “Who I’m Following.” In the meantime, feel free to .

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