The Best Piece of Advice: We’ll See…

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever come across is one with regard to perspective. I’ve written about perspective and having a fresh perspective in posts before, but I think that this particular post, or more accurately, the content of this post, is the best summary of my “perspective” when it comes to […]

Should Influential Athletes Be Doing More With Their Celebrity?

Forbes released their list of the most influential athletes a few days ago and to my surprise, Jimmie Johnson topped the list. Johnson, a NASCAR athlete, along with two others from the sport, made the list: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Gordon. Admittedly, I’m quite shocked to see so many NASCAR drivers in the top […]

Luongo and the Canucks Need Energetic Help!

I had the chance to watch the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs game 6 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks. Vancouver won the first three games of the series and Chicago has won the most recent two. The coach of the Canucks pulled a bold move in benching his starting goaltender, Roberto […]

Behavior of Sports Fan(atic)s Rival Behavior of Religious Fanatics

A couple of days ago as I was driving into town, I heard the guy on the radio talking about some sort of tragedy in Los Angeles. Given the sensationalization of the news, my attention wasn’t immediately tuned into what was happening. As the reporter expanded upon the story, I was appalled. The reporter proceeded […]

Same News, Different Perspective

The 2011 trade deadline for the National Hockey League (NHL) is nearing and with that, the propensity to move players from team-to-team has increased. Late last week, there was a particular trade that sent one player, Mike Fisher, from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators in exchange for a couple of draft picks. While […]

The Superbowl and Twitter

Earlier today, I took the time to watch the Superbowl. While I watched the Superbowl, I also followed things on Twitter — something I have never done before. I currently do not have a Twitter account and so the ‘Twitterverse’ is something that is quite foreign to me. I do find myself onto Twitter from […]

Organizational Systems in Sports: A Decided Advantage

The 1st round of the NFL playoffs wrapped up this evening and as I took in some of the games, IĀ couldn’t help but think about how an organizational systems consultant could have a major impact on a sports team. I have no doubt that there are people similar to organizational consultants who do work within […]