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Updates to JeremiahStanghini.com: Papers & Series

I noticed that I’d been getting some more traffic than usual to my about page, so I thought I’d read it and see what it says (it had been a while since I’d seen it). Upon reading it, I realized that it needed some updating… so I’ve gone ahead and done that. I’ve tried to make it a little more universal than it was in the past, so I won’t have to update it as frequently (though, is a yearly update really that unrealistic?)

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to give you an update about the website is for a new page that I’ve created: Papers & Series. You’ll see this on the banner above my name on the right-hand side (it’s an important feature!) On this page, I’ve collected all the papers/series that I’ve posted here online. So, if you remember me saying something about a series on American Public Policy, but couldn’t find the link, you’ll now be able to see all of the links in that series. Or maybe something about telepathy and psi phenomena? Yes, they’re in there, too.

The best part about this page is that I’m going to continually update it. So, when I post a new series, I’ll also update that page to show that the new paper/series has been posted to the website. If you haven’t read all my series, I highly suggest checking them out. There’s likely something in there that you’ll like. Also, be sure to check back soon as I continue to dig through my old papers and share them on here.

An Updated Quote and Bio for Jeremiah Stanghini

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called: “.” I stil think that’s true. In this particular context, I’m writing because I’ve decided to that I’ve had for this website. That’s not to say that the bio that was there previously was inaccurate, it just felt like it needed some refreshing. Similarly, the quote did, too.

To be honest, I probably should have been updating it monthly, but as is common on “static” pages on the internet, they don’t get updated very often. At least, I know that this has been the case for me. I ran into someone the other day who was talking to me about some of the various “resources” that can be found on Genuine Thriving. In particular, the resources that have to do with the book recommendations. After that conversation, I went and clicked through all the various pages on this website to see the things that I had put there almost two years ago (the newest redesign of this website went live in January of 2011, but had been around for a couple of years before that).

The new quote:

“I believe that each of us has something unique and creative to contribute to the world. My creative contribution: effecting positive ‘global change’ by making a difference in the lives of large groups of people. At some point, I get the sense that I will be the leader of an organization that’s not yet been formed, but it would be similar in size, scope, and influence of the United Nations. I believe that through connecting to our deepest wisdom and inner knowing, we can rediscover ways to collaborate with one another. Enhancing our abilities to utilize these powerful human capacities will co-create a better world by way of more effective, more efficient, and better decisions.”