Macro Goals and Micro Quotas: How to Beat Procrastination

A few months ago, I saw a YouTube video from Tim Ferriss answering a question on a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). If you’re unfamiliar with AMA’s, they’ve become a rather common way for famous (and sometimes anonymous because of where they work or what they do for a living) people to answer questions from […]

Conscientiousness in the Classroom, Conscientiousness in Completion

I teach organizational behavior (OB) at the undergraduate level. Well, to be more specific, I’m a TA for OB at the undergraduate level, but because of the structure of the class, students rarely see the professor for the class and spend most of their time interacting with me as the person at the front of […]

The Science of Procrastination and How to Manage It

Almost two months ago, I wrote a post about how much time you waste at work. I thought it would only be fair if I then wrote something about how not to waste so much time at work. I came across a short two and a half-minute video detailing the science of procrastination and — more […]

Adding General Managers to the Organization Could Improve Ethical Decision-Making

I’ve mentioned before that I’m working at Ashoka for the summer. As I don’t currently live in Rossyln, I take the Metro to get to work. As I don’t yet have an iPhone or an iPad (with which to read something on), I’ve kept my subscription to The Economist. As I was reading last week’s […]