Famous People Alive at the Same Time — Visualized!

One of the things that I’m passionate about when I compose new posts on here is offering some sort of new perspective or a fresh perspective. Naturally, these are my two most often used tags (perspective = 66, fresh perspective = 71). This means that, of the nearly 600 posts I’ve written, in 66 of them, one […]

What if There Were Live Music at the Doctor’s Office?

There was a really interesting study published earlier this year that had live music in a medical waiting room. The aim of the study was to learn more about the staff’s perceptions of this live music, but as you might expect, the live music had an effect on patients, too: One of the unanticipated results of the music […]

Where’s the Positive Music?

I’ve written before about the importance in choosing our words carefully (here and here) and so along those lines, today I’m interested in lyrics. Specifically, musical lyrics. A few months ago, there was a perfect tweet from Ezra Klein that captures my feelings on this matter: https://twitter.com/ezraklein/status/551913397047287808 As a result, I’m interest in finding songs that are […]

Disruptive Innovation… in Music?

Over the holidays, I had the chance to see a number of movies. Most of them were with the intention of enjoying awards shows, but some were meant to just be, well, fun. I had heard really good things about one movie in particular and I enjoyed one of the actresses (Anna Kendrick) in another […]

What Was That Lyric Again?

No doubt, at some point in your life, you’ve heard a song on the radio and thought you were singing the right lyrics only later to find out — you were absolutely wrong. Most of the time, the thing you think the artist is saying is really funny. Well, let’s start Monday morning off with a […]

What’s On My iPod: Songs From A Road Trip, LA to DC, Part 1

I’ve been away from writing posts for a while (my last post of quotes was on June 27th) because I’ve been driving across the country (well, countries). I spent the last part of June and the beginning of July driving from Long Beach to Washington, DC. It’s not an easy trip, especially if you’re driving […]

Mass Collaboration Will Change the World

One of the benefits to being a member of the YouTube community, is that you’re able to subscribe to other users. If there is a particular user that publishes videos that you’ve liked in the past, say maybe The RSA (you may have seen one of their videos — they’re the ones who write on […]