Life is a Gift — and so is Suffering

A few weeks ago, there was a rather poignant interview that aired between Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper. I didn’t see or read much of the coverage of it, but the thing that kept coming across my feed was the first thirty seconds of the clip below. And, in seeing the views on this video, […]

Do You Sign Your Emails With Intention?

Most people have some sort of email signature that is attached to every message they send. This can be helpful because it usually contains other contact information, relevant titles, associations, etc. While I can see the value (read: saving time, saving money) in this, I wonder if┬ánot signing your name at the end of emails […]

Oprah Exudes Gratitude: “We Did It!”

I didn’t have the chance to see any of the celebrity-studded final shows of The Oprah Winfrey Show nor did I have the chance to see her actual finale. I did, however, see this one article (the only one I’ve found of its kind), that had Oprah’s “final monologue.” There’s a 4-minute video in the […]

With Love and Gratitude

Anytime I write something to another person, I nearly always end the message with: With Love and Gratitude. I’ve been asked on a number of occasions why it is that I do this. I usually give people the abridged version (spreading joy) or something like that. I thought it would be good to have a […]