Is the “Hollywood Model” Really Something New?

There was a great article in the New York Times the other week called: “What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work.” The author uses Hollywood to make the case that this is how work is going to be in the near future for everyone (not in Hollywood): This approach to business is sometimes called the “Hollywood model.” […]

Wanna Make a Name for Yourself: Answer One of These Questions

In The Guardian today, there’s an article that lists “20 big questions in science.” If you want to be famous (at least in some circles), answer one of the questions. Of course, there are some ‘answers’ to the questions already. Or maybe it’d be more accurate to say that there are some hypotheses or that […]

Should Influential Athletes Be Doing More With Their Celebrity?

Forbes released their list of the most influential athletes a few days ago and to my surprise, Jimmie Johnson topped the list. Johnson, a NASCAR athlete, along with two others from the sport, made the list: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Gordon. Admittedly, I’m quite shocked to see so many NASCAR drivers in the top […]