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Blogging at Genuine Thriving: Moving in a New Direction

When I first started this blog over a year and a half ago, my intention was to write ‘articles’ that could — theoretically — appear in magazines or newspapers. Of course, the quality of the writing and some of the series I’ve written (, among others) might render the articles unacceptable for print. As time passes and the amount of demands on my time grows, I’ve found it harder and harder to sit down and write a well thought out article. That’s not for lack of , but more for lack of time.

This past week, I came across a couple of articles/posts on the internet ( and ) that made me rethink my ‘strategy’ for writing here at Genuine Thriving. Both of these posts were motivated by the recent “self-plagiarizing” by Jonah Lehrer. There seems to be opinions from both sides (he did vs. he didn’t) and others who think that the argument should be framed completely different.

As a result of some of these revelations, I thought I might change the way I write here at Genuine Thriving. Instead of waiting until I am able to dedicate enough time to write a well-thought out article, I might just write more posts similar to the one of my more recent posts with a . More accurately, I think I’ll begin doing a post whenever I get an idea.

Instead of waiting to fully cogitate on the idea, I’ll simply post the idea and my initial thoughts about the idea. In this way, the blog will serve more as a storehouse of ideas rather than a collection of seemingly well-thought out articles. I think by doing this, there will be a lot more posts in the coming future. I’m looking forward to this new switch and I hope you will, too.

Top 7 Articles from Genuine Thriving for 2011

[Editor’s Note: I’ve changed all of the links in this article to the same article, but here on “www.JeremiahStanghini.com.” Although, the information/statistics all come from 2011 over on Genuine Thriving.]

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, 2011 has come to a close. If you read newspapers, magazines, or follow sites online, you’ve likely come across some type of list that sums up the best articles, pictures, or things of 2011. I’m not one for conformity, but I thought that I would look at some of the statistics for this site and see what were the posts that attracted the most traffic in 2011. So, without further adieu, here’s the list!

Advancing America’s Public Transportation System: High-Speed Rail in the USA

I grew up near Toronto and became accustomed to having excellent public transportation. In some of the places I’ve lived in the United States, the public transportation has been less than acceptable. When the announcement came out that the US was going to work on high-speed rail over the next few years, I was very excited!

Would You Take a Pill to Make You Smarter?

I wrote this a few days after I saw the movie “Limitless,” starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. I really like movies like this (so if you know any like it, leave me a note in the comment section).

The “Real” Purpose of Television: Entertainment, Escapism, and Employment

Over the years, the purpose of television has evolved. While I may be perceived as having chastising voice, this is not the case. As I wrote, “While I can’t say that I know the ‘real purpose of television,’ I think it’s worth debating the effects of TV on society.”

Cell Phone Etiquette: Necessary Evil vs. “Old-Fashioned” Manners

An important discussion, to say the least. This was mainly geared towards cell phone etiquette in the context of others around you, but as I drive around the Metro DC area, I’m quite concerned at the number of times I peer across at the car I’m passing only to see someone with a cell phone up to the ear.

The Scientific Evidence for Psychokinesis: Psi Phenomena, Part 4

Of the 5 parts to the Psi Phenomena series, I’m a bit surprised that this is the most read post. I would have thought telepathy would have been more interesting or maybe precognition. Regardless, I highly recommend reading through this series.

Spirituality From an Unlikely Source: Will Smith

I’ve always liked Will Smith movies, but I didn’t know what kind of person he was (outside of his profession). When I came across the video of him talking about “your words and thoughts have physical power,” I was a bit taken aback. I think it’s wonderful that people with so much celebrity promote such an important message.

StrengthsFinder 2.0: Are You Using Your Talents Effectively?

I love to learn (some may point to my 2+ degrees as evidence), but more importantly, I think it is imperative that we learn about ourselves. Self-awareness is one of the quickest ways to maturity. Some of the management literature advocates the strengthening of strengths rather than the improvement of weaknesses.

Well, there you have it. These were the top 7 posts from 2011 for Genuine Thriving. I was able to write approximately 100 posts in 2011. I don’t know if that number will be higher or lower this year — only time will tell. I do think that my posts this year will tend to be shorter (I aimed for about 1000 words last year), but we’ll see.