Tying Up Loose Ends — Again

Earlier this year, I did a post where I talked about a number of ideas in one post. This served a couple of interconnected purposes: 1) it emptied my “posts to write” list, and 2) it allowed me to flood that list with some new ideas. (I said the purposes were interconnected.) My list has […]

Some Key Differences between a Happy Life and a Meaningful Life

I saw a tweet earlier today from Jennifer Aaker, who’s a Professor of Marketing at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, that linked to a paper she was a contributing author to: “Some key differences between a happy and a meaningful life.” When I clicked over to see the paper, it got me pretty excited or […]

Overconfidence: Know Thyself

On the way to the grocery store this afternoon, I passed through a construction zone. As I was driving by, I glanced over at the work they were doing and remarked, “Oh, it looks like they’re almost finished. They’ll probably be done by the end of the month.” I kept on driving and then laughed […]

Do You Know Your Biases?

“You will learn from others around you being skeptical more than you will learn by becoming skeptical.” – Daniel Kahneman This past October, a world-renowned psychologist (who won a Nobel Price in Economics) published his latest book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. I’ve read a lot of reviews of the book and seen many of the […]

The Most Unifying Global Event: New Year’s Eve & Day

Is there a more unifying global event than New Year’s Eve & Day? There have been some rather unifying global events in recent memory, but they usually involve some sort of catastrophe (think: tsunamis). In the US, series finales used to be watched by whole lots of people, but with the further development of individual […]

Usain Bolt False Start: Evidence for Heightened Awareness?

The IAAF World Championships in Athletics are nearly over, but not without a little bit of controversy. Particularly, in the men’s 100m final that is. I’ve embedded a short 2-minute clip of the false start. After watching the video, it’d be pretty hard not to agree with the decision that Usain Bolt didĀ false start (and […]

What is Transpersonal Psychology: A Contextual Understanding

I was looking at my bio for this site a couple of days ago and I noticed that my explanation of transpersonal psychology might not be entirely clear for those not already familiar with the field of transpersonal psychology. It seems that the field itself has debated about a definition for some time, leading to […]

What’s Your Jung Typology: The Answer May Surprise You!

After having majored in psychology during my undergrad and then specialized in transpersonal psychology during grad school, it’s fair to say that I’m curious about the make-up of humans from a psychological perspective. A few weeks back, I wrote a post about how I scored on Strengthsfinder 2.0. In light of this post, I thought […]

Jeremy Taylor’s Six Basic Hints for Dream Work

When I spent some time working for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), someone recommended that I read Jeremy Taylor’s book called Dreamwork. Before reading Taylor’s book, I had already read about or heard of many dream theories. There’s Jung’s, Freud’s, Fritz Perls’, Adler’s, and the list goes on. After reading Taylor’s book, though, […]