Hello and welcome! My name is Jeremiah Stanghini. Thanks for taking the time to click-through to learn a bit more about me and the site.

Author: Professionally, I wear three hats: Free Agent, Professor, and Superforecaster. My primary hat: public servant with the Government of Canada. Specifically, my role is as a ‘Free Agent’ with Canada’s Free Agents, which is a cross-functional program that allows employees the autonomy to select work that matches their skills/interests. Free Agents are screened for innovation attributes such as strategic thinking, leadership, empathy, resilience, and teamwork. My secondary hats: Adjunct professor of business/management/organizational behaviour with George Mason University and Superforecaster with Good Judgment, Inc.

Site: This site has gone through a number of iterations (both look and feel), but the central focus has more or less persevered — provide readers with a different perspective. It’s like that parable the “Blind Men and the Elephant” — sometimes, it can be difficult to know when you’re looking at the big picture or if you’re simply looking at a ‘tusk’ or a ‘leg.’ Not every post will have a fully developed idea — some might, while some will be more along the lines of “Quick Thoughts.”

Other places where you can find my writing: Business 2 Community, Research Blogging, Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, and GCcollab/GCconnex (must be logged in and/or connected to Government of Canada intranet).