Jeremiah StanghiniI believe that each of us has something unique and creative to contribute to the world. My creative contribution: effecting positive ‘global change’ by making a difference in the lives of large groups of people. I feel that I am meant to be the leader of an organization that’s not yet been formed, but it would be similar in size, scope, and influence of the United Nations. I believe that through connecting to our deepest wisdom and inner knowing, we can rediscover ways to collaborate with one another. Enhancing our abilities to utilize these powerful human capacities will co-create a better world by way of more effective, more efficient, and better decisions.” 

– Jeremiah Stanghini, (Early 2009)

Employment Experience

My primary role is as an analyst with the Government of Canada. Currently, I work within an area of the Canada Revenue Agency that functions similar to Statistics Canada, by producing statistical products and publications. In this capacity, one of my key responsibilities is translating technical knowledge into plain language for senior management. I am also responsible for advancing strategic and horizontal projects linked to the Agency’s mandate.

My secondary role is as an adjunct professor of business/management. In this role, I teach advanced level courses in organizational behaviour in an online environment at George Mason University.

Previously, I worked as a consultant. In this role, I used my expert knowledge of cognitive biases to develop more effective and efficient systems for decision-making.

For a more extensive list of work experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


In addition to my roles in analysis and teaching, I write articles on a variety of topics including business, science, history, and technology. The central focus of these articles is to provide readers with a new perspective. In the same vein as the “Blind Men and the Elephant,”​ it can be difficult to know when you’re looking at the big picture or if you’re simply looking at a ‘tusk’​ or a ‘leg.’​

As I’ve written previously, not every post has a fully developed idea. Some posts could be thought of as articles, while others may be more along the lines of “Quick Thoughts.” It is my intention that no matter where my articles appear, there will also be a copy on this website.

Some of the other places where you can find my articles: Business 2 Community, Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, GCconnex (must be connected to Government of Canada intranet), and Research Blogging.