I believe that each of us has something unique and creative to contribute to the world. My creative contribution: effecting positive ‘global change’ by making a difference in the lives of large groups of people. I feel that I am meant to be the leader of an organization that’s not yet been formed, but it would be similar in size, scope, and influence of the United Nations. I believe that through connecting to our deepest wisdom and inner knowing, we can rediscover ways to collaborate with one another. Enhancing our abilities to utilize these powerful human capacities will co-create a better world by way of more effective, more efficient, and better decisions.” 

– Jeremiah Stanghini, (Early 2009)


The content of this site has gone through several iterations. All of the posts from before mid-2012 were written when there was still a blog attached to Genuine Thriving. However, some technical difficulties motivated Jeremiah to move all the posts to this site. In the future, he anticipates that, regardless of where his posts appear on the web, there will also be a copy of it here. As Jeremiah wrote in June of 2012, not every post has a fully developed idea. Some posts could be thought of as articles (like the ones listed on the Papers & Series page), while others may be more like “Quick Thoughts.”

Some of the places where you can find Jeremiah’s syndicated posts:Business 2 Community, Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, and Research Blogging.

Employment Experience

Currently, one of Jeremiah’s roles is as an adjunct professor of business and management for George Mason University. He teaches advanced level courses in organizational behaviour for students majoring or minoring in business. Jeremiah brings a unique perspective to this role with his earlier education in psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In Jeremiah’s work as a consultant, he demonstrates his passion for systems. He understands that everything in the visible & non-visible parts of the universe are their own system, while at the same time, integrated into a larger system. He pairs his business acumen with his understanding of transpersonal psychology to effect positive change with his clients.

Transpersonal psychology is: “an approach to psychology that a) studies phenomena beyond the ego as context for b) an integrative/holistic psychology; which provides a framework for c) understanding and cultivating human transformation,” (Definition adapted from Hartelius, Caplan, & Rardin, 2007). In short, transpersonal psychology takes into account all aspects of a person – mind, body, spirit, and beyond. Jeremiah especially enjoys this approach because he feels that many of the issues his clients present with are things that they would not have otherwise been able to ascertain through simple logic.

For a more extensive list of Jeremiah’s work experience, please visit his profile on LinkedIn.

Formal Education

Jeremiah thinks that it’s important to distinguish formal education because he believes that learning doesn’t end once you leave the classroom. As you’ll notice if you’ve read through some of the posts on this site, Jeremiah continues to learn by reading/discussing books and taking in the different perspectives of various articles from around the web. With that being said, Jeremiah has completed three post-secondary degrees. At some point, he believes that there’s a good chance that he will return to higher education to complete a PhD.

Master’s Degree (MBA), Business Administration from George Mason University

Master’s Degree, Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)
~~~~~~~– Specialization in Health & Wellness

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Sociology & Psychology from Saginaw Valley State University

During Jeremiah’s time as an undergraduate, he was very involved with making a difference in the community. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Omega, a National Co-Ed Service Fraternity dedicated to leadership, friendship, and service. He was elected to the National Residence Hall Honorary, an organization that represents the top 1% of student leaders living on campus across the world. He is a member of Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology. He spent time with Alternative Breaks, an organization of students that dedicate their winter or summer breaks to volunteering about a specific social issue. He has also journeyed to the Dominican Republic with Orphanage Outreach to teach students English. Jeremiah’s community involvement culminated in serving as the student body president during his final year.