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Understanding is Inherent to Empathy: On Paul Boom and Empathy

I came across an article in The Atlantic recently that expressed the opinion that empathy might be overrated. You’ll note that the way the headline is written: “Empathy: Overrated?” should already tell us that the answer is no (via Betteridge’s law of headlines). While from the … Continue reading

Can an Holacratic Organization Be Successful?

Because of some of the work that I’ve done, one of the things that really interests me is organizational structure. I like peeking into the ways in which an organization functions because I think that we can learn a lot … Continue reading

Love it or Hate it: Cloud Atlas is Worth Seeing

A little while ago, I mentioned that I’d seen a bunch of movies recently. One of those movies: Cloud Atlas. I rather liked the movie and think that you should most definitely consider seeing it. I tend to like the kinds … Continue reading

The World — as we know it — is in its Infancy

After watching this week’s Crash Course: World History on decolonization and nationalism, I have a newfound understanding (respect?) for the current state of the world. I used to think, ‘my goodness, humans have existed for so long, why are we … Continue reading

Twitter: Who I’m Following, Part 7

Finally, finally, finally. I have caught up my “”Who I’’m Following”” series to the actual people I am following on Twitter. You’ll notice a decided conservative-flavor to these Twitter accounts because I noticed I was following a number of “liberal” … Continue reading

The Timeless Wisdom of Commencement Speeches

It’s that time of year again (or maybe just after that time) where thousands of students across the world prepare to ‘graduate’ from college/university/high school and move on into a new place in their lives. Invariably, coupled with this rite … Continue reading

Twitter: Who I’m Following, Part 2

In a continuation from yesterday’s post, I am listing the people that I am following on Twitter along with a mini-description of who/what they are/have done. @UN: While I may not always agree with what the UN does (or doesn’t … Continue reading